Save the Opening
80 x 60 cm
Photography-Digital Fine Art Print
€ 1.600

Digital Fine Art Print on wove paper ‘Hahnemühle’
Edition: 10 signed and numbered copies + 2 artist’s proofs

This Digital Fine Art Print is also available 80 x 60 cm on alu-dibond (€ 1.850) or canvas (€ 1.750) upon request.
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07: ‘Save the Opening’
From: ‘Corona Consequences’ – Part I
A Diary in Art / Perceptions in the time of the corona pandemic 2020
A photo series with texts by Anka Blank

End of June / begin of July
Finally – after a long time of isolation indoors, out again and to the Elbe river. This time – in sunshine – it feeels a bit more liberated inside.
There are still structures in which we live, which we have to stick to, but within them there are possibilities for change. Changes in diversity.
The pictures in a row no longer have to be identical. They can vary, be different and show a new view. They call for open thinking and different action than before.
Sometimes dark shadows still fall, but it goes on – with an outreach to the new.’

Anka Blank