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ArtCommunicators is your perfect partner when you are looking to find the work of art that not only matches with your intentions but as well matches with quality. We work as a curatorial team that listens to you. Together with you we filter out which artworks really are able to meet your interest and fit into your taste. We let art become an experience and pre-select artists and their works that have not only individual but also a more worldwide potential. Artistic qualities, inventiveness and skilfully applied techniques in our eyes have to go hand in hand to provide a satisfactory connection to you or you company.

International Cultural Projects

ArtCommunicators provides assistance in cultural projects. across Europe and internationally.. We work together with cultural institutions such as the Goethe Institute as well as foundations and funds, banks and embassies to support cross-border cooperation in the arts. We promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity.

Emerging Artists

The number of artists showing their work off nowadays is growing tremendously. ArtCommunicators is watching the art scene. For more than two decades we connect directly to artists, observe the print and social media as well and are looking for trends at art fairs and at established galleries. Thus we have a deep insight in the free and the corporate art market and the skills to select the real talents. We know the criteria, which are important to fulfill, and support those artists who, with their individual style, will belong to the powerful players of the future. Just feel free to view our pre-selection of emerging artists on our site.


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Artist Platform

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