80 x 115 cm
Photography-Digital Fine Art Print
€ 1.850

Digital Fine Art Print on wove paper ‘Hahnemühle’
Edition: 10 signed and numbered copies + 2 artist’s proofs

This Digital Fine Art Print is also available 80 x 115 cm on alu-dibond (€ 2.300) or canvas (€ 1.950) upon request.
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05: ‘Forbidden’
From: ‘Corona Consequences’ – Part I
A Diary in Art / Perceptions in the time of the corona pandemic 2020
A photo series with texts by Anka Blank

Early May 2020 – WANDERLUST
‘We are still living in isolation and the longing for the outside world is growing, to walk into the countryside and to have the opportunity to enjoy it at any time. But there it is again. The fear. The fear of the invisible. The fear of being infected with the corona virus somewhere. And I rediscover a photo of my last visit to the Elbe river while lingering outside on memories. The Elbe cranes. The Elbe Cranes seem to be viewed through a pane of glass. By applying the concept “endless”, I make it visual through the endless repetitions of the crane motifs. In addition, I place a thick black cross over the entire crane window and name the work “forbidden”. Some special points of light are visible in the distance.
Longing overcomes us, and otherwise the grid, the view into the distance, gives hold, shows distance and at the very same time gives confidence.’

Anka Blank