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Désirée Preiss
Peter Debets

Désirée Preiss studied art history and archeology at the Universities of Augsburg, Würzburg and Eichstätt.

She started her career in 1993/94 at the Munich auction house Ketterer Kunst before she worked as head of the modern and contemporary art department at the Hamburg branch of the company (1995-2005). She spent further ten years as a senior specialist and press officer at the international renown auction house Hauswedell & Nolte, followed up by commissions of the auction houses Karl & Faber, Hampel and Neumeister (Munich) and Auctionata (Berlin).

In 2015 she decided to open up her own company Désirée Preiss Art Consulting in Munich. She provides valuations, authentication and art advisory services.

Due to her profound experience Désirée has an excellent international network of contacts comprising private and institutional collectors, galleries, art experts, lawyers and restorers.

Désirée, as an art lover, enjoys discovering new talents and art styles. By joining Artcommunicators she wants to contribute her knowledges to establish a platform for selected artists whose ideas are innovative, interpreting nowadays life and point out into the future.

Peter Debets studied art history and antropology at the University of Amsterdam.

As art consultant he established his company ‘ArtCircle’ in 1987 and ‘ArtCommunication’ in 2008. He mainly focusses on contemporary sustainable art ideas and supported upcoming talents. This includes Amsterdam-based artists as well as artists born in the Middle East or with a different cultural background who add their point of view to the world of art.

Peter frequently visits artist’s studios and selects the works which are the best representation of the artist. He is strong in artists liasison since he built up strong longlasting relationships to collectors and companies mostly being located in The Netherlands.

Peter’s interest always is in giving the best support to the artists by providing an experienced eye and by creating connections for them.

By putting up ArtCommunicators together with Désirée Preiss he wants to strengthen this profile and to add further components like giving a deeper insight into artist’s ideas to collectors. To him the pre-selection on this platform will be a useful tool to collectors, first by the real connections with the artists and second by making choices easier.

Our Concept

We connect your ideas with art

Art is an universal, non-verbal language that is key to visualize thoughts, emotions, social matters in the world that surrounds us every day. Artist’s reflections show us all of these facets by various forms and by various techniques which express the mind and insight of the creator.

Creativity and artistic activities nowadays the more and more play an important role whilst articulating and analyzing modern life and the phenomenons caused by globalization.


We organize exhibitions and cultural exchange

ArtCommunicators wants to sensitize and inspire private persons, companies and institutions for art. As experienced art historians we offer selected artists a platform to present their work and to connect with an art-interested audience.

As ArtCommunicators we fulfill the function of a ‘filter’ in today’s flood of images of the online art market. We only represent young talents as well as established artists whose ideas and artistic potential have convinced us.


ArtCommunicators is part of Foundation Art & Communication, Keizersgracht 62-64, 1015 CS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chairman Peter Debets & Creative Director Désirée Preiss

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