50 x 72 cm
Photography-Digital Fine Art Print
€ 1.600

Digital Fine Art Print on wove paper ‘Hahnemühle’
Edition: 10 signed and numbered copies + 2 artist’s proofs

This Digital Fine Art Print is also available 80 x 115 cm on wove paper ‘Hahnemühle’ (€ 1.850). Please contact us for further information

03: ‘Between’
From: ‘Corona Consequences’ – Part II
A Diary in Art / Perceptions in the time of the corona pandemic 2020
A photo series with texts by Anka Blank

August / September 2020
‘With adherence to social distancing rules, the numbers of coronavirus infections are decreasing. The joy of a pleasant summer in all its nuances is noticeable. Yet a general discontent continues to spread. The world begins to divide in its thoughts. The light-heartedness and colour intensity of the summer magic wears off and changes. Different directions of thought are more vocal now. – Partly undefinable directions, that I show by means of an ornamental arrangement of repetitive. – With a colour film I capture vivid summer scenes on the water, but the colours fade, almost like a black and white shot. Only a hint of colourfulness remains. To emphasise the differences more clearly, I draw a striking red horizontal line as a luminous signal right through the centre of the image. The gap between the fronts of diversity of thought.’

Anka Blank