Valuation – What is it worth

ArtCommunicators offers independant valuation for the works of art you already own or you are planning to buy or to sell – whether it is at an auction sale or at a gallery. Our appraisals are based on our long experience as well as on data being provided by the relevant databases. Additionally we watch market trends to give you the upmost expertise on every artwork.

Our special areas are Modern Art (international and German Expressionists), Post-War and Contemporary Art. Désirée Preiss has further a focus on works on paper starting from the 19th century.

Authentication – Why is it important

Art meanwhile is for sale everywhere. Very often it is accompanied by various forms of documentation, certificates of authenticity, provenance, receipts, writing on the art itself, and other kinds of statements about who the artist is. What you should keep in mind is, that these are of no value if they do not originate directly from recognized accepted qualified authorities on the artists in question (including the artists themselves), or can be corroborated in other ways.

For decades we as ArtCommunicators established an extensive network with these experts. We assist you in regard of authentication or counter-checks if your owned artwork is questioned.

Market Insight

ArtCommunicators monitors the art market. We analyze and watch the next trend-setting market movements and market reports worldwide for you to give you an independant opinion. We follow museum and gallery exhibitions as well as art fairs and know the international and local players. ArtCommunicators can judge the significance of artist’s profiles and their potential based on profound experience. We as well can determine the quality of the specific work of art. Being whether a first-time buyer or a collector, the value of art should always be seen in the right proportion to the art market. We assist you with our valuation.

Education – Find Out About Art

When you start your own collection the first step is to explore art. Especially if you are a beginning art buyer it is important to find out which art style is the one you like best. Visiting museums, galleries and venues will help you to decide. ArtCommunicators accompanies you through this jungle and additionally will teach you about artistic composition, techniques and intentions. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions. Art is not only about investing.

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