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As independent trusted advisors ArtCommunicators offers you – besides our artist platform – several services that will answer all of your questions about the art in your collection or maybe some inherited works of art.
With our decades of experience as art specialists we provide guidance and support to everyone from private collectors to institutions like banks and insurance companies as well as lawyers and courts as expert witness.

• Appraisals & Valuations (tax planning, estates, divorce settlements, insurance, damage & loss, art financing)
• Authenticity checks & expertises
• Collection and exhibition management
• Inventory/Cataloging
• Advise on professional conservation/restoration
• Buying/selling art (auctions, private sales, galleries)

Our expertise covers fine art from the 19th to the 21st century, especially sculpture, paintings, works on paper, and art in architecture.

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Germany: Désirée Preiss, Munich: +49-(0)176-23 11 60 96
The Netherlands: Peter Debets, Amsterdam: +31-652 61 69 90

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Update Anka Blank’s Corona Series, Part I & II. Anka Blank is a photographer, based in Hamburg. In 2020 she started ‘Corona Consequences” a series of photographs during the Corona outbreak that is accompanied by her own texts about her thoughts and feelings, perhaps the same that everybody of us experienced in one or another way. The series is created like adiary and accompanied by a book . More on our website:

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The World of Wolfgang Stiller- The impermanence of life.

German artist Wolfgang Stiller’s sculptural installations are innovative, very direct and intelligent. Stiller who has had more than 30 solo exhibitions internationally including Greece, Italy, USA, Japan and Czech Republic, presents one of his finest art installations called Matchstick Men. The installation consists of several larger than life half burnt matchsticks which represent people suffering the insecurities. Through his installation, Stiller aims at highlighting the most common issues of – the impermanence of life- in the modern day society. The installation illustrates the harsh impact of the syndrome on human life and how this state of vital exhaustion can create a permanent damage to the physical and mental well being.

•Corporate Collectionse -Part I-Klaus Prior at EOS•

ArtCommunicators starts their series about art in corporate collections with Klaus Prior’s exhibition ‘Kraft des Elementaren’ at EOS.Kunst.Raum*. Klaus is a sculptor and painter based in Lugano, Switzerland.
The German company EOS is the leading technology provider worldwide for industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics and established the EOS.Kunst.Raum where each year an exhibition is on view.
The project aims at EOS business partners, the public and especially at EOS employees.
As ArtCommunicators we consult compagnies allover Europe and assist them to build up their own corporate collections

Yael Bartana (b. 1970, Israel)
“Tashlikh (Cast Off)”, 2017. one channel video and sound installation, 11 min

To be watched at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Through her moving image and installation works, Yael Bartana explores how cultural and national identity is reinforced through rituals, ceremonies, and social practices.

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Film Credits

Director Yael Bartana | Director of Photography Mick Van Rossum | Editing Yael Bartana | Sound Design Daniel Meir | Visual Effects Eran Feller | Production Design Hagar Ophir | Assistant Director Itamar Gov | Production Manager Eike Wendland | Producers Naama Pyritz, Yael Bartana | Commissioned by CCA Tel-Aviv, n.b.k.

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