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Whenever you intend to start your private or a business collection it is necessary to think about acquitions strategies. Together with you ArtCommunicators develops and finds tailored solutions for your special project. First of all we will define and determine the ideas and functions that art has to incorporate for you individually and/or for your company to display at its best. The next step will be to acquire the perfect work of art for you. This can be directly from the artist, through auction sales or galleries based on the budget you wish to spend. Due to profound experience ArtCommunicators is the right partner for you to countercheck prices and to negotiate contracts with vendors and artists to provide the best conditions for you.


Art needs inventory. Why? If you already own artworks, it is essential to have a documentation about the artist, technique, authenticity, acquisation history (provenance) as well as the purchase price. This is important for your insurance in case of damages, theft or simply to keep an overview Nowadays the more and more this plays a key role especially because there are so many fakes on the art market even in regard of contemporary artworks. ArtCommunicators offers you a professional documentation which also includes the conservatory state and detailed photographs that give you the utmost security. As well an inventory will be obligatory in case of heritage or projective sales of business collections to avoid legal problems.


For Art representation is a crucial issue – whether it is regarding a company collection or the works of an individual artist. ArtCommunicators offers you a wide range of diversified catalogues being tailored to your special requirements. We explain art-historical contexts to emphasize the importance of your artworks and assist artists to promote their ideas. We use various methods, both in terms of design and content, based on the target group that you intend to reach. We will be happy to send you examples or discuss about your project. Please feel free to contact us at any time.


Not only Old Masters should be protected by a special conservation. This applies also to modern and contemporary art. Light exposure,, temperature, humidity and further influences change the condition of the art works you own. Artists use modern materials that can make it difficult to keep their art work in its original state of condition within the next decades. Due to our experience we can give you advise. If there is already damage that has to be repaired we know specialised restorers who provide the best results to let works of art shine again.

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