Newsletter-Iman Ali Khaled-Freedom to the Modern Perspective!

Iman Ali Khaled-FREEDOM TO THE MODERN PERSPECTIVE- LIFE AND WORKIman Ali Khaled, born 1962 in Baghdad (Iraq) was educated from 1979-1984 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad by her teachers in the tradition of the radical modernism of her Jewaad Seleem (1919-1961). After her studies she, as a Kurdish painter, chose to stay out of the group of artists that, receiving privileges from the Regime – were working as officially ‘independant’ artists but unless producing art works which the Regime required from them to glorify his oppressive régime. During these [...]

June 7th, 2020|NEWSLETTERS|

Newsletter Jurjen de Haan-Nieuwe Realist”

Jurjen de Haan Jurjen de Haan belongs to the post-war generation of the Hague School of Painting. He studied painting at the Koninklijke Accademie voor Beldende Kunste, The Hague from 1955 to 1960, including with Co Westerik. In addition to a photorealistic phase (1970s), he focused on the artistic ideas and visual language of the Cobra Group, of which Karel Appel, Constant or Asger Jorn were significant members. Their primary goal was to express emotional states immediately and spontaneously. Like the Cobra artists, Jurjen de Haan used a spontaneous style of painting [...]

May 22nd, 2020|NEWSLETTERS|
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