The Way
80 x 115 cm
Photography-Digital Fine Art Print
€ 1.850

Digital Fine Art Print on wove paper ‘Hahnemühle’
Edition: 10 signed and numbered copies + 2 artist’s proofs

This Digital Fine Art Print is also available 80 x 115 cm on alu-dibond (€ 2.300) or canvas (€ 1.950) upon request.
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08: ‘The Way’
From: ‘Corona Consequences’ – Part I
A Diary in Art / Perceptions in the time of the corona pandemic 2020
A photo series with texts by Anka Blank

Mid / end of July 2020
‘With time my perspective opens more and more and I am “out” again for the first time after the isolation. Again outside my home, outside the city gates by the sea. In July 2020 at the North Sea.

For creating this picture I use my concept “endless”: A harmonic stringing together of motives, which have a relation to each other and thus form a harmonic, rhythmic balance. A composition in warm colours.
Although it is midsummer, the colours are not loud, but rather soft and gentle. They express confidence, especially confidence.
But nothing is and will ever be the same. I discover more and and new paths on my journey, they literally open up to me. But which way will be the right one? Will everything stay like this? Or will the structures break up or even burst open? Perhaps only the order within the structures will change? The way is clear for something new. For new perspectives, and in new orders. Time will show.’

Anka Blank