Klaus Prior-Viadante
180x120 cm
Oil on unprimed canvas
€ 14.000

‘Viandante’ (The Wanderer)

Klaus Prior’s paintings like the large-scale ‘Viandante’ (‘The Wanderer’) from 2018 show a lively interaction and opposition of figure and surface, linear body contours and free pictorial space, eruptive gesture and twitching movement. With gripping form, the sketchy outlines of the ‘Wanderer’ crystallize in front of the neutral tableau of the raw canvas. The reduction to pure black and white shades considerably increases the raw archaic character of the scene. The figure appear to be thrown into the empty, undefined space as if it were unstable. The aim is not a portrait-like image of the human being, but rather the vehement visualisation of the vulnerable existence itself`.

Klaus Prior’s works, biography and literature is listed in SIKART (Lexicon of Swiss Artists)

The exhibition catalogue by EOS (2018) displays sculptures and paintings on location