120x180 cm
Oil on canvas
€ 14.000

‘Ohne Titel’ (Untitled)

Klaus Prior’s artistic career began with painting. His works on canvas are subject to an energetic creative process, characterised by a gestural brushstroke. Spontaneous, eruptive, emotional, but nevertheless based on his own reflection and on his own personal life experience.
Prior’s expressive pictorial inventions allow the viewer to participate in the inner world of the artist in a very sublime way. A swirl of lines, overlapping layers of colour, from which figures, heads emerge… the viewer is inevitably drawn into the pictorial space. This process creates a dialogue, a bridge to one’ s own fundamental questions.

Klaus Prior’s works, biography and literature is listed in SIKART (Lexicon of Swiss Artists)

The exhibition catalogue by EOS (2018) displays sculptures and paintings on location