27x21x87 cm
Iron cast
€ 10.000

‘Figura’ (Figure)

The iron casts by Klaus Prior all originate from wooden models. The original sculpture is here carved limewood of which a flexible reproduction mould has been produced by the foundry. Thereafter a hollow wax model is created. Retouched and provided with sprues and risers, it is dipped into a ceramic mass and dried. The liquid metal is filled or drawn in the resulting cast mould at a wide variety of moulding temperatures. This is how highly delicate shapes and impressive works of art are created.
With his iron castings, Klaus Prior manages to transfer his wood sculptures into a different material, giving them a new type of effect and visual power.

Klaus Prior’s works, biography and literature is listed in SIKART (Lexicon of Swiss Artists)

The exhibition catalogue by EOS (2018) displays sculptures and paintings on location