Iet van Es-Untitled 1
Oil on canvas
€ 2.450

Iet van Es


1932 Amsterdam – 2003

The Netherlands

Iet van Es previously exhibited in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Salzburg, Nuremberg and Franfurt.

Her work is in possession of many collectors in The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, Liberia, Japan and the USA.
Iet van Es, sculptor and painter lived and worked alternately in Arnhem, Salzburg and Amsterdam.

Her versatile talent for painting has expressed itself in various directions over the years. Directions that succeeded each other, but also directions that could coexist within the same period.
Yet, for those who take a step back, there are constant and recurring emotions to discover – vibrations on a higher, almost imperceptible but still tangible level, which connect all the works, abstract or figurative, fierce or restrained, blunt or monochrome, like a silver cord.

Together, the works offer a kaleidoscopic overview of as many nooks and crannies in the artist’s innermost being. Not the outside world, but the inner world is central:

The use of colour, brushwork and composition all serve the expression of the spirit – clear, expressive and poignant.

Iet van Es and the Dutch art tradition

“A freedom lion”.
This is how one can characterise her work. 
Both in colour and brushwork Iet van Es goes to extremes to achieve an optimal experience of freedom within the limitations of the canvas.
This seemingly inhibited way of working fits in the tradition of Dutch painting. Rembrandt, van Gogh to Karel Appel worked in the tradition of brilliant use of colour.
With her anti-traditional, violent and spontaneous movements and distinct use of colour, Iet van Es seems to be the first woman to endorse the next post-Cobra generation. Her lines are wild and aggressive, her colours at least as bold. Thus a portrait or landscape quickly becomes a cry for freedom.