Jan Telting-Goa 10
Work on paper-Oil and acrylic paint
€ 1.675

Work on paper:Oilpaint & Acrylic on 300gr. (50% cotton) Fabriano paper.

Jan Telting


1931 Curaçao, Dutch Antilles

2003 Amsterdam, The Netherlands


„I am an artist and being black. I find it my duty, since I have a gift to create, to create with a purpose…“

Born on Curaçao (Dutch Antilles) of Surinamese parents, Quintus Jan Telting was introduced to the world of art at an early age by his father, Govert Jan Telting, who was one of the most prominent painters of Surinam.

Quintus Jan Telting worked all over the globe but mainly in Amsterdam, New York, Ibiza and Goa. He visited numerous art/music schools and therefore received many different cultural and social impressions. Consequently he aimed on evolving, redefining, improving and – above all – contributing ever more of his visionary art and strong messages.

Quintus Jan Telting became a great and formative master of contemporary art, and was as well a gifted musician, philosopher, a passionate free spirit, humanitarian and political activist.

It should take him almost four entire decades to complete his stylebending metamorphosis. His outstanding heritage was an essential contribution to overcoming racial, cultural and social barriers and made him a momentous visionary, pioneer and ambassador of our global society today.

History of decades

The ’60s- Love, Peace & Civil Rights
The ’70s-New York, Jazz, Black Panthers and Malcolm X
The ’80s-Redefining abstraction
The ’90s-Trancsnding time and space
The ’00s-The retrospective


Artworks by Quintus Jan Telting are represented in numerous corporate collections worldwide.


Selected exhibitions of Quintus Jan Telting:

1963 – Swanlake Gallery New York, USA

1964 – Gallery San Michael de Alende, Mexico

1965 – Gallery Mallen Nr Alslev, Denmark

1966 – North Gallery Barbizon Plaza Hotel, New York City, USA

1968 – Goteborg Bank Malmo, Sweden

1968 – Gallery Bendix Malmo, Sweden

1969 – Societeit „Het Park“ Paramaribo, Surinam

1969 – Gallery Hoffmann Munich, Germany

1969 – Gallery Artscope Kopenhagen, Denmark

1970 – Gallery Bendix Malmo, Sweden

1971 – Hilpert Theater Stadt Lünen, Germany

1972 – De Surinaamse Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1972 – Het Surinaams Museum Paramaribo, Surinam

1973 – Grafisches Kabinett Stadt Lünen, Germany

1973 – Vahrenwald Freizeitheim Hannover, Germany

1975 – lnstituut Voor de Tropen, Souterrain Theatre Amsterdam, Netherlands

1976 – Cultureel Centrum Curaçao, Nederland Antilles

1978 – Galeri Srefidensi Amsterdam, Netherlands

1979 – Boston Center for the Arts, USA

1980 – Boston Center for the Arts, USA

1988 – Auction by Sotheby’s Amsterdam, Netherlands

2016 – Bambuddha Grove, Ibiza, Spain

2017 – Centro Cultural de Jesus, Ibiza, Spain

2018 – Bambuddha Grove, Ibiza, Spain

2019 – Anomalie Art Club, Berlin, Germany


Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany

Kulturamt Hannover, Germany

Grafisches Kabinett Stadt Lünen, Germany

Surinaams Museum, Paramaribo, Surinam

Fort Selandia Museum, Paramaribo, Surinam


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2020-2021 Expo -The Surinamese School- with Quintus Jan Telting amoung
other 35 Surinam artists.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
After 2022 Planned Solo Exhibition Quintus Jan Telting
Catching up with Surinamese artists tastes like more(Parool 11 december 2020