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1965 Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The Netherlands

-G. Rietveld Academie richting schilderen, vrije grafiek
-Art is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is an art FNV Ki


Daphne was awarded for her oeuvre and was compared with the famous painter Monet by a professional jury. A quote from the jury report: A painter in heart and soul who is already looking for solutions while painting and looking for a painting. The paint is modeled and often only mixed on the canvas looking for an equilibrium and color depth, emotion, structure and stratification, which should lead to a unity in the final result. Although the canvases look abstract in first glance and belong in the abstract expressionist movement, on closer inspection they turn out to be much more realistic and give a suspicion of landscapes, reflections and cloudy skies. Earlier impressionist than expressionist they evoke echoes of the late works of Monet and Cézanne but with the eye of Willem Kooning, according to the jury quote. During painting I like to be guided by painting itself, so I do not know the outcome and give it more suggestion. Of course I have my sources of inspiration, those are the impressions of the journeys that have been made, nature, light, water but also emotions and actuaulities are a source of inspiration. my paintings are often layered, the colors are very important, I want it to sparkle but not too much, beautiful when there is a structure but also transparent layers in it gives it tension. I strive for my own style, which means that you also have to sacrifice beautiful paintings, it should not look too much like painters I admire, but they are my inspirations less.

The eye can perceive millions of colors, color fascinates me, in all these shades of colors I try to compose a painting.
While painting I think in color, the color has to be deep, in proportion with each other, radiate and form a whole.

Structure also plays a big role in my paintings, the layering that arises after a long time of painting produces an unpredictable image.
Old weathered remnants of the past, imperfect beauty in all its unexpected depth. Visible past, traveling thoughts, paintings from impressions and memories, a world arises in itself, the painting.
Poetry, philosophy, rhythm, passion and desires, the search for that is also painting for me. Scraped off, added, transparent layers, thick layers, torn canvas, the process of painting is to look and look again and again or to stop in time, because to determine when it is finished …………………………..
Travelling is also a great source of inspiration, the colors, the space and the alternation of the landscape interspersed with the visible history I translate in my way into colorful, weathered and abstracted canvases painted with passion.
Ordinary moments in nature but also in the city can be enchantingly beautiful that is what I want to make visible in my paintings.
The reflection of the city lights in the water, the sky turning pink-blue, the silver-blue sparkle by the brilliance of the sun on the sea. The golden glow reflects along the windows through your eye. Perhaps no answers to life’s questions, but making existence more bearable through the surprising beauty that emphasizes the mystery of life.
© Written by Daphne Verheijke


Many paintings have been purchased by individuals, institutions and companies both at home and abroad:

Dutch companies:
-Travel Unie 
-SBK, Amsterdam
-Travel Unie
-Lucent, The Hague.
-Elsevier, Amsterdam

-Peter Millard and partners Limited Thames Wharf Studios in London.
-Saatchi Art sold may artworks to collectors in USA, Swiss and Germany.


-Stedelijk Museum group exhibition in the Zandberg wing in Amsterdam.
-Exhibition solo AMC hospital in Amsterdam.
-Duo exhibition gallery Langenberg in Amsterdam.
-Duo exhibition gallery Langenberg, sales series on slate.
-Duo exposition gallery Spirit in Amsterdam-sale panel.
-Solo exposition Industriebond FNV in Amsterdam.
-Groupexhibition Avinida Azura in the Hilton
-Duo exhibition in the WG exhibition hall in Amsterdam.
-Duo exposition in the Orangerie in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam.
-Exhibition Art Fair in the Congress building through the Dutch Art agency.
-Group exhibition Art in time, in the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam.
Participation in the Plantage route in Amsterdam, large purchases by individuals.
Solo exhibition in the van Arkelzaal, former diamond fair of the environmental department in Amsterdam.
Exhibition in the Ahoy hall in Rotterdam. Acquisition of a private painting.
Exhibition “Sculptures in autumn” in Delfgauw.
Survey exhibition in Gallery Windkracht 13 in Den Helder
Participation in the open atelierroute Oostelijke Eilanden Amsterdam.
Exhibition in gallery Windkracht 13 in Den Helder.
Rental and sale of paintings through gallery Beeldkracht in Groningen.
Participation in the art route Westerschouwen in Zeeland, chosen as winner of the art route and received award and prize money for my oeuvre. 
Exhibition in gallery Haamstede in Zeeland.
Exhibitions, sale and rental through art consultant Cristine van Stralen in Almere.
Collection of paintings purchased by Elsevier through art mediation Art Circle.
CBK in Drenthe.
Duo exhibition in the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam. Purchase of paintings by individuals
2009, 2010, 2011
Participation in several open atelier routes with purchase of paintings by private individuals.
Group exhibition in the Pulchri hotel in Amsterdam, participation in the related art guide of Amsterdam. 
Exhibition in the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam.
-Overview exhibition on the first and second floors of the town hall and theater de Kunstgreep in Oostzaa
-Exposition gallery Overstroom in Amsterdam
-Overview exhibition at care institute Reade in Amsterdam period November December
-Participation open studio, Open East Amsterdam
-Exposition in the court of Maastricht
Black Box in the Amstelpark.Solo exhibition, ongoing summer exhibition 
Rural open studios
Tropen museum/CBK/open atelier route east Amsterdam
Event ArtZaanstad-Zaandam 
Black Box Gallery Summer Party


Publication in the magazine Villa dell Arte, mentioning unknown talent. Following the publication a purchase of a painting by private persons