Ilse de Boer-The vegatable garden
Oil on canvas
€ 3.900

Ilse de Boer


1953 Amersfoort en deceased 2017

The Netherland

Amsterdamse Academie voor Beeldende Vorming 
University of Fine Arts in Mendocino, Ca., USA.

Light, colour and warmth
What world is reflected in Ilse Iseger’s work? She herself never provided any clarification, other than that she just painted what she saw. Ilse Iseger has always occupied a completely autonomous position, strictly following her own course. Technically she knew exactly what she was doing, but artistically intuition was her sole guide. Through her canvases, shifting between abstract expressionism and figurative impressionism, we look through her eyes on a world  in which every dawn promises a sunny day without exactly knowing what is reflected here, other than her own inner self. 
Ilse Isegers work is not exemplary of any art movement nor school, nor does it represent any socio-political development or era. At least, that is what I always used to think until she was no longer there.
Only after her demise (December 2017) I realized that her work was a counterforce, thus by all means part of our day and age. A reaction to a world in which opinions, disaster, technological developments and hypes succeed each other at an ever increasing speed and determine the issues of today. In such a world Ilse Iseger could work for hours on the abstraction of branches on a tree, or the cloudy skies above the sea. She recorded a timeless world without judgement. Forms and colours free of judgement, figurative or not, which let the audience roam in its own universe – but always with a compass pointing at the light. An Iseger offers hope and celebrates the beauty of existence in all its imperfection and without becoming sentimental. Such is the relationship between Ilse Iseger’s world and ours.
Her hand and her view on the world are recognizable at all times, from the smallest animal portrait to the biggest abstract canvas. And now that we sadly know for sure there will never be more new works, Ilse’s paintings have become all the more precious and dear.
Ilse Iseger (1953 – 2017) lived and worked in Amsterdam. She studied at the Amsterdamse Academie voor Beeldende Vorming and the University of Fine Arts in Mendocino, Ca., USA.

Jeroen Kramer