Jozina van Hees-Anatavos 2
Oil on canvas
€ 2.950

Jozina van Hees


1944 Tilburg

The Netherlands

1965 Teacher College
1967-1969 Academy of Industrial Design at Eindhoven
1978-1982 Academy of Visual Arts St. Joost at Breda, department of Monumental Art
1983 Teacher’s certificate in Monumental Art
1997 Course Design & Technology at University of Greenwich
Member of the Advisory committee Art and Culture, Munucipality of Goirle untill 1990
1984 Artists group ‘Wit’, member and member of the board.
1984 Member of the board of the MBK (Artists society of central Brabant)
2002 Member of the board of the foundation ‘Kunst-En’

Jozina Marina lives and works in Biest – Houtakker. She studied at the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven and graduated at ‘Sint Joost’ in Breda at the department of Monumental Art. She has taught a lot at cultural and training centers, and is and has been a board member of several artists associations and advisory committees.

Jozina Marina distinguishes herself by her very own style of working, which is colorful and very modern. She has already made countless paintings, drawings and photographs, in which photography – in connection with the computer – has gained more and more ground in recent years. Through the combination of digital photography, drawings and paintings, she saw countless new possibilities. She developed, as it were, floor mosaics and wall mosaics of digital drawings, but also of paintings. The individual images are often almost abstract and eventually turn out to be details of her own edited photographs and drawings. In this way the enlarged details become completely detached from the original image and start to live a life of their own. The abstraction gives the viewer the possibility to give new meanings to the individual images, still lifes, land and vistas. Sometimes the image is processed into an independent whole, in the form of a single painting or pigment print. But also these independent images can later turn out to be a part of a larger whole. The work is predominantly two-dimensional, but can also take on three-dimensional forms.
Jozina Marina has exhibited at home and abroad in various universities, art lending, theaters, cultural centers, events and galleries. Her work is owned by individuals, art lending and companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Russia and Hungary.

At this moment we see the influences of her travels through India reflected in her work. The androgynous architecture in which round and straight forms alternate fascinates her and is used in forms and structures. We see this architecture in the Taj Mahal with its round domes, minarets and marble lace, but also in the structures of the villages in India. For Jozina Marina, these villages are small architectural impressions where closed caste communities live that, in other words, do not allow access to outsiders whose lives are lived in freedom. This is symbolized, among other things, by placing closing symbols from Western culture, such as an amsterdammertje or ribbon, lace and fencing. In this way art and culture philosophize with each other.

Several solo exhibitions in galeries, universities, theaters, art-exchanges,
Several group exhibitions in galeries, universities, theaters art-exchanges.
Exhibitions in Portugal and Russia
Private art-collectors
In several newspapers and magazines