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Brigitte Siebeneichler Portrait



Gundersdorf, Czech Republic

Munich and Rottach-Egern, Germany

Study of painting in Vienna with Professors Fritz Itzinger and Ulrich Gansert
Study of painting in Munich with Professor Thomas Bechinger
Study of painting with Professors Markus Lüpertz, Jerry Zeniuk, Günther Förg and Erwin Bohatsch at the Art Academy Bad Reichenhall
Study at the ‘Hoke-Werkhaus’ of Professor Giselbert Hoke in Grafenstein in Carinthia
Member of the Kunstverein Rosenheim

Artist Statement
“I started painting non-objectively 15 years ago during my studies with Thomas Bechinger, who was teaching in the studio projects at the time. As a student of Bechinger, my focus was on colour field painting, the roots of my non-objective pictorial art. At the moment I am working intensively on gestural painting and in the future I would like to deepen my work on this spontaneous painterly element of abstraction.

The forms in my paintings are generated from experiences I have made in my life. I translate these into gestures in my paintings. This can happen consciously or unconsciously, the latter being more the case with me. Sometimes I can no longer read what those forms tell, and I believe that the viewer of my paintings interprets them later from his own perspective, his own way of looking at things. He compares the forms with his own experiences. When I start a painting, I don’t have an exact idea in advance of what it will eventually look like. When I paint abstractly or gesturally, I do not work conceptually.

The character of the material is essential, the material is part of the art, it is what it is made of. Every medium has a special quality. Burlap or a very coarse canvas swallow the paint, I have to bear that in mind … Certain papers can cause the paint to lie thick and dense because of the smoothness of their surface. In this case, I also process paint in this way: I scratch the paint mass and can thus structure it. There are also papers that are very absorbent, in which case it’s the other way round. I mix my colours myself with pigments I have selected. Recently I have also been working technically according to the teachings of the Austrian painter Giselbert Hoke, who experimented with distemper for decades and used it to create large-format abstract compositions on paper.”
Brigitte Siebeneichler.


-LEIDENSCHAFTEN, Seeforum Rottach-Egern, Germany (together with Günter Unbescheid, photographer), 29.Aug – 5.Sept 2021
-Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Spektrum, Karlsruhe, Germany
-Über die Überlieferung hinaus“, Galerie 20/21, Munich, Germany
-Paper Positions Munich, Art Fair, with Marianne Schliwinski at Galerie Spektrum, Karlsruhe, Germany
-‘Meisterklasse’ (Masterclass) of Markus Lüpertz, 12.Sept 2018 – 16. Jan. 2019,
Government of Upper Bavaria, Munich, Germany
-Tegernseer Kunstausstellung, Tegernsee, Germany
-Tegernseer Kunstausstellung, Tegernsee, Germany
-Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim, Germany
-Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim, Germany
-Kunst im Abriß, curated exhibition at HDI-Haus Munich, Germany
-Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim, Germany
-The Metropolitain Art Fair Munich, Contemporary Art Experience, Munich, Germany
-Autoren-Galerie, Munich, Bilder-Briefe-Noten, Germany
-Munich Contempo, Munich, Germany
-With Space Gallery, Coinciding at the Wall, Peking, China
-Galerie Schrade, Schloss Mochental, zweinulleins, Germany
-Autoren-Galerie, Bilder-Briefe-Noten, Munich, Germany
Orangerie im Englischen Garten, Malerei des Augenblickes, Munich, Germany
-Galerie Roncka, Munich, Germany
-munich art gallery, Lebenswandler, Munich, Germany
-Autoren-Galerie, Bilder-Briefe-Noten, Munich, Germany
-Kultfabrik Munich, Ausblicke, Germany
-Thera-Ohm, Bilder aus dem Englischen Garten, Munich, Germany
-Kunst im Ort, Hilgertshausen, Vom Impressionismus bis zur Moderne, Germany
-Kunstpark Ost, Munich, Werktag, Germany
-Burggalerie Obernberg, Austria
-Burggalerie Obernberg, Impressionen vom Englischen Garten, Austria
-Atelier-Galerie 24, Bilder aus Italien, Munich, Germany


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2021 Münchner Merkur 31. Aug 2021 : Ausstellung Brigitte Siebeneichler und Günter Unbescheid zeigen “Leidenschaften” (author: Alexandra Korimorth)