Jaqueline van Rosmalen-Untitled 1
Acrylic on canvas
€ 2.350

Jaqueline van Rosmalen



The Netherland

Amsterdam School of the Arts

The “world” of Jacqueline van Rosmalen.

Jacqueline van Rosmalen knew at an early age that she would find her way in the visual arts. After completing an education in that direction, including at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, she threw herself completely into the arts.

Out of her predilection for graphic techniques and her affinity with music, the first series of silkscreens appeared in 1988. In this series she expresses her emotions at musical moments in an expressive and picturesque way.

She alternates her graphic work with painting (acrylic on canvas) and making objects. Furthermore she combines traditional painting techniques with non-conventional materials.

Jacqueline van Rosmalen does not consciously choose for abstract or figurative; it is the outcome of the creative process. Colors are chosen because of the color expression itself or because of their symbolic value.
She is driven by the need to continually determine her relationship to the “world” around her and the need to express this in a personal way.

Everything that touches her emotionally can become part of her work: a youth photo or a family story, a message in the newspaper or just a conversation overheard on the street. Often she herself is the subject in her work, without exclusively expressing a personal message; her aim is, despite the created own visual language, to let her work and world be “of all times and for everyone”, with a small wink to De Kunst and the viewer ….

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