70x43x200 cm
Wood Sculpture (poplar)
SOLD - A separate version as iron cast is available on request

Umschlungen’ (Embraced)

Klaus Prior’s are often lonely fighters. In the recent years these monoliths have been joined by pairs of figures, locked in an intimate embrace, caught in a moment of quiet contemplation, radiating peace.
They contribute an additional component to his work. Cut from a log with a chain saw, two beings emerge, which are connected to each other. Are the one or are they two?
A question that the artist answers in two ways: they are both. The figure exists autonomously on its own, yet it cannot escape its connection, not in the self and not in its formal position in the space with which it is connected.

Klaus Prior’s works, biography and literature is listed in SIKART (Lexicon of Swiss Artists)

The exhibition catalogue by EOS (2018) displays sculptures and paintings on location