Rob van Doeselaar-Sixty Square no. 4
Works on paper-Acrylic
€ 1.475

Rob van Doeselaar


1958 Goes, The netherlands

In the Netherlands


1978-1983 Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, painting and graphics
1989 P.K.O. College, Den Bosch, “Art in Commission

Place of employment:
Hoedekenskerke (1958-1960), Terneuzen (1960-1962), Baarn (1962-1964), The Hague (1964-1969), Wassenaar (1969-1978), Amsterdam (1978-1990), New Delhi (1990-1992), New York (1992-1994), Dakar (1995-1998), Accra (1998-2003), Aerdenhout (2003-2005), Bamako (2005-2009), Maputo (2014-2018), The Hague (since 2010) & Geneva (since 2018)

Other Activities:
Giving painting lessons; Chairman of the Activities Board of The Hague Art Society (2013 – 2014); Board member of the Visual Arts Department of The Hague Art Society (2012 – 2014); Chairman of the Board of the American International School, Bamako (2007-2009); Secretary of the Board of the American International School, Bamako (2006-2007); Secretary on the Board of De Zandloper, the Dutch School, Bamako (2006-2009); Web Design; Graphic Design; Secretary on the Board of Lincoln Community School, Accra (2001-2003); Textile Design for Ghana Textile Productions (1999 – 2001); Secretary on the Board of the Dutch School, Dakar (1996-1998); Guest teacher History of Art Institute National Museum, New Delhi (1990-1991);

Since my education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, I have been an independent artist. I paint with oil and acrylic paint, but also make digital drawings and paintings on an iPad. I lived in many places around the world because of my wife’s international career. I have made paintings in India, the United States, Senegal, Ghana, Mali, the Netherlands, Mozambique and Switzerland. I have had major exhibitions in almost all these countries.

I paint portraits on commission, for which I have gained a lot of experience. You can contact me about that. In 2013 I won a prestigious prize in The Hague for the best portrait of King Willem-Alexander.

Rob is a member of the Haagse Kunstkring and registered with Stroom (


Fundação Fernando Leite Couto, Maputo, Mozambique; Embassy of the Netherlands in Mozambique, Maputo; Gemeente Amsterdam; Gemeente Utrecht; Gemeentelijke Bibliotheek Amsterdam; Museum Sonsbeek; Royal Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi; KVGO; Barclays Bank in Ghana; Vlisco Museum Helmond; Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ghana; LCS in Accra; many collectors in at least 25 countries, 40 collectors bought more than one work.


First prize at the ‘Leve de Koning’ competition, November 2013, for the best portrait of King Willem-Alexander


Main exhibitions and more:
2019 “No Jardim”, The Hague Art Circle (solo)
2019 “Paintings of the sky”, The Hague Art Circle (solo)
2018 “Resigned”, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague
2018 “Almas Cruzados” Galeria Kulungwana, Maputo, Mozambique, with Carlos Simões Ferreira
2018 A bridge of velvet (book), with iPad paintings
2018 Fundação Fernando Leite Couto, Maputo, Mozambique (solo)
2017 ARTzaanstad, Zaandam
2016 “Bach in Beeld”, Sint Joriskerk, Amersfoort (solo)
2016 Haags KunstKookboek, (idea, composition and design)
2016 Art in the Case, The Hague
2015 “Summer guests”, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague
2015 Artibrak, Voorburg, with Rineke Kop and Yves de Block
2014 Shell Summer Expo, The Hague
2014 “Drawing” Artibrak, Voorburg & Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague
2014 “All inclusive”, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague (solo)
2013 “Long live the King”, Galerie Sophie Marée, The Hague
2013 “Bridges”, The Art Factory, Enschede
2013 Baobab of Bronovo, novel
2012 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2012 Galeria Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Spain (solo)
2012 Galería Dasto, Oviedo, Spain (solo)
2012 “Fresh blood”, The Hague Art Circle, The Hague
2012 “Via Accra via Persingen”, Church of Pesingen, Persingen
2010 Summer exhibition ArthouseConcepts, Oudesluis
2009 “Portes Ouvertes”, Bamako, Mali (solo)
2008 “3xxx25”, Space, Amsterdam
2007 Patio of Centre Culturel Français, Bamako, Mali (solo)
2005 “Taste Sensation”, Faculty Club University Twente (solo)
2003 “Europe paints Ghana”, National Theatre, Accra, Ghana
2002 “Going Dutch in Elmina”, Elmina Castle, Ghana (solo)
2002 “Influences”, National Theatre, Accra, Ghana
2001 Gallery de Greef & de Greef, Wassenaar (solo)
2000 “Crossing Boundaries”, National Museum, Accra, Ghana (solo)
1999 Gallery Image & Anvil, Enschede, the Netherlands
1998 Musée l’ I.F.A.N., Dakar, Senegal (solo)
1997 Galerie de Greef & de Greef, Wassenaar (solo)
1997 Chez moi aux Almadies, Dakar, Senegal (solo)
1995 Gallery de Greef & de Greef, Wassenaar (solo)
1995 Gallery Beeld & Aambeeld, Enschede, the Netherlands
1992 Royal Netherlands Embassy, New Delhi, India
1991 Royal Netherlands Embassy, New Delhi, India (solo)


Art-Fix. com, episode 3, The Virtual as Reality (2020), No Jardim (2019), A Bridge of Velvet (2018), Pinturas do céu (2018), Haags KunstKookboek (2016), All Inclusive (2014), Baobab of Bronovo (2013), Taste Sensation (2005); Europe paints Ghana (2003); Going Dutch in Elmina (2002); Un Africain n’est jamais seul (1998); Mirrors of the street (1991).