120 x 120 cm
Photography-Digital Fine Art Print
€ 1.900

Digital Fine Art Print on wove paper ‘Hahnemühle’
Edition: 10 signed and numbered copies + 2 artist’s proofs

This Digital Fine Art Print is also available 120 x 120 cm on alu-dibond (€ 2.600) or canvas (€ 2.300) upon request.
We further offer 80 x 80 cm (€ 1.700 paper/1.850 canvas/2.200 alu-dibond). Please contact us for further information.

01: ‘OUT’
From: ‘Corona Consequences’ – Part I
A Diary in Art / Perceptions in the time of the corona pandemic 2020
A photo series with texts by Anka Blank

Mid-March 2020
‘The corona virus is spreading. The lockdown takes place. Shock. Standstill. Insecurity. And curfews leading to isolation.

Everyone stays at home, in their own neighbourhood, and only supplies themselves with the bare essentials. The pictures and sceneries all around become darker and darker, begin to blur.
To the point of displacing a great inner emptiness, and that in all directions. Fear. Danger. Eeriness. A black hole. Darkness. Silence.
The virus is menacing, spreading more and more and faster, pushing everything that has gone before to the absolute limit.’

Anka Blank