Daniel Couet-Millenium (Triptych)
Oil on canvas
€ 3.200

Daniel Couet


1952 Versailles, France

The Netherlands

EducationEcole Boulle en de Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Appliques te Parijs

The French painter Daniel Couet is by his distant journeys, in particular by the intriguing India, ge & iuml; interested hit in the universal in the art. In: dev idea &; n and symbolism. Returned from foreign lands established the artist himself in Amsterdam. Halfabstracte shapes and rhythmic lines depict the theme with his work he appeals to beauty. That’s the impression the viewer of his work should be remembered the longest, a general feeling for beauty. The viewer must be in the show may lose. On the way to the completion of a work of art work undergoes a quest by cultures, symbols and style forms. “Couet is an artist who wants to let people share in the precious of what he on visionary way experiencing and feel and that the roads and are looking for figures that content accessible to all.

Animated flowers on the canvas and on the ground, some fragile petals, evoking an idyll, soon would fall the veil. His eyes shone like two stars in the firmament of the night. His breasts swollen like fruits whose taste would be fatal to us offered to the caresses of the wind. Her soft and generous belly, a secret silky tabernacle, was abandoned to each lover. A moonbeam appeared, pale on her skin, reflected in her golden hair and suddenly disappeared. A thousand unfinished dreams visit us in the slumber and in a glowing horizon when the star of the day is lying Morpheus with her, taking me to the land of beings who love each other.
The clouds On a blue blue sky background, mysterious travelers, with no other destiny than to spread their tears, clouds desired by nature in bloom when the winds push and change color some beautiful evening of summer bring freshness. On the earth soothed by these great sprinklers, the thirsty beasts and farmers jubilant under the waves find happiness




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