Fine Prast-Mice

Fine Prast


1959 Amsterdam

The Netherlands

1980-1986 De Witte Lelie, drawing and textile modelling
1985-1987 Amsterdam Academy of Art

Fine Prast lives in a restored dilapidated harbour building on a quay in Amsterdam, a piece of former no man’s land.

Nature, and especially animals and the relationship between man and animal, is a recurrent theme in her work. The painting just mentioned, one of her first, hung for years in her grandmother’s living room, who was very proud of it. This has stimulated Fine Prat to take herself seriously as an artist.

She is working hard for a presentation at Metz & Co next spring. She shows me a couple of beautiful screenprints, including ‘the fishy kiss’ in which a big fish and a girl are sucking each other in. It is one of a series for Metz, but the most important ones for Fine are her folding screens. She first made them for a friend who lived in a small house and wanted to separate a corner. Since then, she has had a taste for it. She now works with a carpenter who makes the wooden frames for the panels and puts heavy brass hinges in them. In that frame she stretches the canvas on which she paints with acrylic paint: dreamy images in which fish and all sorts of fantasy creatures swarm among lush vegetation in fairytale blue or red colours.





Fine Parts Design by Fine Prast

Every design has a maximum of 30 prints. They are delivered in a wooden frame, with of without a passe-partout. If the designs on the website (under the tab collection) are not quite what you are looking for please let us know. Our work at the moment mainly consists custom artwork. Examples of the custom artwork can be found on our instagram page: @fine_parts.