150x90 cm
Oil on canvas
€ 11.000

‘Gestalten’ (Figures)

What is it that we perceive? In Klaus Prior’s painting ‘Gestalten’ (‘Figures’), two people are at the centre of the action. One is in profile facing left, the other is facing the viewer. Masculine – Female, in a connecting embrace that nevertheless clearly shows the autonomy of the individual figure. In this painting Klaus Prior unites two elements that come into play in a strong relationship: The symbiotic momentum, that does not exclude the individuality of the sole person.

Prior chose the colour blue for this composition consciously and not by chance. It symbolises the transcendental world, the desire and longing, the search for the elemental, while his gesturally expressive brushstrokes melt together both figures, man and woman.

Klaus Prior’s works, biography and literature is listed in SIKART (Lexicon of Swiss Artists)

The exhibition catalogue by EOS (2018) displays sculptures and paintings on location