Carolien gevers -French Landscape
Caroline Gevers – French Landscape
Gouache on paper
€ 700

Caroline Gevers


1944 in Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Vaxjo Academy in Sweden 1979
Free Academy in The Hague 1981
Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam 1982-1987

Caroline Gevers’ work consists mainly of oil paintings on canvas and gouaches on paper.
She currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Before this she lived in Sweden for years. This Scandinavian period is clearly reflected in her recent work.

She plays with the elements of space, light and silence and shows a great commitment to nature.

Caroline Gevers’ abstract work is largely influenced by the ideas of Willem de Kooning. She uses the following quote from De Kooning to express her inspiration:
“It says in Genesis that in the beginning there was emptiness, and that God worked on it. To an artist, that is perfectly clear.
It is so mysterious that there is nothing left to doubt. You are lost in space forever. You can float, fly, float and even vibrate in it.
In art, all ideas are equally good. For example, if you start from the idea of ​​vibration, then most art suddenly starts to vibrate.
An artist is someone who also makes art. He didn’t invent her. How she started – ‘get rid of it’. Clearly, no progress is possible. The idea of ​​space is given to him to change it as best he can. And space is the abstract subject par excellence. “






Carolien gevers -French Landscape
Caroline Gevers -French Landscape