Dorrit Klomp-Lady Justice
Oil on canvas
€ 2.450

Dorrit komp


1959 Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam 1983-1989
Oskar Kokoschka Academie Salzbrg-Duitsland

One of the strengths of Dorrit Klomp is her vision of women as a symbol of the primal power in man . The mystical power of nature is its main theme. Which does not mean ” male ” and ” aggression ” missing elements in her work . Human primal force in the vision of Dorrit Klomp just a harmonious combination of aggression and tenderness , of intellect and intuition .Her work , pastels and oil paintings , refers to the individual development as a woman and artist . The growth of silly child to wise old woman and the evolution of the woman from the mythical times to the present, she brings in her work reflected . An independently developed egg – tempera technique provides the transparency that is so striking her art . All the work of Dorrit Klomp has a powerful and mystical aura .
A number of works by Dorris Klomp are already included in a museum in the Netherlands .
In addition Dorrit active abroad , including in France , Germany , Curacao , Luxembourg and Italy .
More and more private and bedrijfscollectioneurs give her work the recognition it deserves .
Much of her work has been included in the collections.
The femininity of Dorrit Klomp
The paintings in the studio of Dorrit Clog show mainly women. On the floor are several studies for paintings , but maybe we better talk about women. This is in fact what they want to bring in her paintings . Expressed The femininity while the power of women . “I expect that the combination of power and typically female characteristics in the future of our society will play an important role ,” she says.
Dorrit Clog graduated in 1989 at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam . Then she went to Salzburg , where she participated in courses of Oskar Kokoschka Academy and she was taught by Joseph Mikl and Per Kirkeby . Her work is many people have noticed , even before they had graduated . Pastels of her can be seen in the movie “The indecent woman ‘ Ben Verbong . Earlier this year she exhibited in the ‘ Hema check boxes ” on the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam . On 27 October , an exhibition opened at Gallery Place Arts in The Hague , where she exhibits along with other artists . “I want to show women who stand firm in their shoes . This is well expressed in the painting of the boot. But merriment , dancing , entertainment . Women are strong, not because of their hardness, but by their femininity and intuition . At the same time there is a certain orientation. They have both feet on the ground. “
She loves the paintings of Klimt , who have a strong erotic aura . ‘ Erotic allowed , “she says. ” That’s part of our lives . It is an extremely fascinating theme, which also belongs to women . I do not believe in the classical theorems of feminism , with all that was taboo . That does not speak to my generation . For us it is obvious that we build an independent existence and it does not at the expense of our femininity . I feel more like a story and and , rather than either-or . “
Especially in her large oil paintings is the problem of the older woman expressed . ” Women who have never had the opportunity to develop themselves, and even played a victim and who was involved in problems later in life. The color red that I flaming expressed the desire to want to live . “
Besides oil paintings she makes pastels . I love pastels , “she says.
During our visit she goes – initially at the request of the photographer -even to work with a sprayer on a half- finished painting. Suddenly, the pose is gone and they really work. “This talk about my work and making the pictures will trigger a wave of inspiration .” she says after the photo session . While we watch it creates an atmosphere in the painting of a phoenix rising from the ashes .
Dorrit paints intuitively . It’s not that I predetermined what I’m painting and how. It arises from the inside. Usually I find out afterwards , I really have painted . They are often emotional moods that drive me . For example, I like to paint landscapes and often go out with my sketchpad . When the painting is finished, the outside world sees a landscape . For me it is a particular landscape . Sometimes she makes funny things. They even painted a fantasy landscape . Her idea was not a landscape that she had ever seen before. Until her mother saw the painting and who could tell exactly how the landscape was , because she along with the small Dorrit had ever been . “That is then apparently stuck somewhere ,” notes Dorrit , still a little surprised .
The work of artist Dorrit Klomp ( b. 1959) refers to both the 19th and into the 20th century. Pronounced traditional art themes such as landscapes, cityscapes and model studies were in the art of the 20th century to postmodernism absolutely taboo . Since the late ’80s artists are rushing back to master , are the techniques of the old masters before this knowledge is lost .
It is these traditional themes prove Dorrit Klomp a constant source of inspiration especially for her pastels , where the atmosphere of the moment is captured with a fast accurate drawing technique .
In her paintings Dorrit Klomp a distinctly 20th century artist with life-size abstract works . In a technique of big , broad brush strokes with ‘ long bash ‘ she shows herself a pupil of Per Kirkeby . However, in the quirky use of color in particular, its ‘ red ‘ period gives it its own vision of female power . Quite in contrast to the somewhat aggressive looking paintings are the romantic -style pastels , which are more in 19th century art developments . Associations come to terms with Claude Monet natural treatment and especially with the William Turner famous ” tinted steam technology ‘ . This means a sacred atmosphere that you find in many of the pastels Dorrit Klomp .
These widely separated aspects in the work of Dorrit Klomp each other is indeed necessary . The pastels , except to dealing with light, transparatie and intensity to investigate , like the old masters ‘ painting out ‘ artwork in itself , also through subsequent paintings to study for the big time .
As a natural talent that especially takes pleasure in working on location , put Dorrit Klomp the landscapes and cityscapes down .